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web hosting with Fresh Art and Design

As a service to our clients, Fresh Art & Design offers web hosting. We recommend that clients with sites containing web applications (blogs, photo albums, online forms, content management systems, document management systems, on-line store and e-commerce systems, etc.) use our hosting service as it reduces the cost of web development.

Server Info

*Hosting on a server with 99% uptime
*2000 Mbit Connectivity
*Tape backup every weekday
*Dual power sources and backup generator
*MySQL 4+, PHP 4+ (MySQL 5 & PHP 5.2+ Available)


*100 Gigabytes of storage (total for site, documents, databases & email)
*Setup of 10 email accounts are included additional email account setup is available. (Email accounts are 1G unless specified)
*Webmail using a simple email program (squirrel) or a outlook clone (horde)
*Shared SSL (unique SSL is available)

$25 per month

If you have any questions about our web hosting services, please contact Jon